Smartphone application

Mobile applications (depending on the brief and budget), can be produced
with various languages such as Swift, Java, Unity.
In addition, from the planning to the design we can work on the whole
process with the bonus of having knowledge on the back-end development


Here are some examples of previous and recent projects.

Sukima Navi

Sukima Navi is a learning application for high school students, provided by Benesse Corporation.
This application will provide students with exercises and problems that are suitable for their studies, they can work efficiently on their way to school or before their bedtime.Cshool worked on the
application’s planning, design and implementation.

  • Sukima Navi
  • Sukima Navi
Client : 株式会社ベネッセコーポレーション
  • Producer : 松村 慎(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Director : 重田 友香(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Designer : 鹿倉 公維
  • Designer : 本末 英樹
  • Technical Director : 岡崎 大典(Qrank Inc.)
  • Programmer : 岡崎 鉄平(Qrank Inc.)
  • Programmer : 扇 克至(株式会社ストロボスコープ)
  • Programmer : 原 央樹(有限会社ツムジテクノロジー)
  • HTML Coder : 橋本 瞬一
  • Illustration : 五味 健悟
Sukima Navi