Website development

At Cshool, we are good at creating websites that meet the customer's
demand and that grows together with their business.
Starting with planning and design, we will support you completely even after the site launch.


Here are some examples of previous and recent projects.

BAUS Creative Platform

BAUS a project by the company “Morph” is a platform where creators and businesses build together a bridge towards the future.
We were in charge of the design, the HTML/CSS development and the implementation of Javascript and WordPress.

BAUS Creative Platform
Client : 株式会社モーフィング
  • Creative Director : 井口 皓太(CEKAI)
  • Director : 松村 慎(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Director : 重田 友香(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Designer : 綿村 和也(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Designer : 森本 友理
  • Designer : 鹿倉 公維
  • Technical Director : 岡崎 大典(Qrank Inc.)
  • Programmer : 扇 克至(株式会社ストロボスコープ)
  • Programmer : 宮西 涼子(SONICJAM)
  • Programmer : 岡崎 鉄平(Qrank Inc.)
  • Programmer : 武田 智道
  • HTML Coder : 橋本 瞬一
  • Front-end Engineer : 田村 元
  • Front-end Engineer : 岩本 大樹(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Illustration : 宇住 佳那子
  • Producer : 石澤 秀次郎(EPOCH)
  • Planner : 湊 さおり(EPOCH)
BAUS Creative Platform

Weathernews Corporate Site

We were in charge of everything from the brief, planning, design to the implementation. Also,
on the global site there is much traffic from overseas, so we customized it in that sense using AWS.

ウェザーニューズ コーポレートサイトのスクリーンキャプチャ
ウェザーニューズ コーポレートサイトのスクリーンキャプチャ2
Client : 株式会社ウェザーニューズ
  • Producer : 松村 慎(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Director : 尾崎 俊介
  • Designer : 幸山 佳史(D-C-U-P)
  • Programmer : 武田 智道
  • Front-end Engineer : 冨田 俊輔
  • HTML Coder : 橋本 瞬一
Weathernews Corporate Site(global site)
Weathernews Corporate Site(domestic site)

ensemble magazine

“ensemble” is a web magazine filled with interviews and articles of well known people, models and
so on, but it is also a website centered on events and informations about the Kanda Nishikicho area. Companies in Kanda Nishikicho area gathered around the Sumitomo Corporation, and we are in
charge of managing the website. As a member of the ensemble magazine editorial department,
we also worked on the website from A to Z (planning, development, launch...).

Client : 住友商事株式会社
  • Producer : 松村 慎(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Director : 三浦 哲生(51%)
  • Designer : 伊藤 知美
  • HTML Coder : 綿村 和也(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Front-end Engineer : 重田 友香(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Front-end Engineer : 岩本 大樹(クスール / cshool Inc.)
  • Front-end Engineer : Matthieu Ducorps
  • Front-end Engineer : 松村 有博
  • Writer / Cameraman : 加藤 孝司
  • Translator : Elizabeth Nguyen(クスール / cshool Inc.)
ensemble - Kanda Nishikicho Web Magazine