Corporate courses

We customize the courses and training according to the company's needs.

You can have a contract for either a long-term course to a short-term
technical course. We will deal at the end of the course with reports on
the training results.

Cshool's strength

  1. We will customize the curriculum according to the customer's needs.
  2. The lecturers are active creators and engineers in the industry.
  3. We will also do support work -outside of the teaching- such as application process and report preparation.

Corporate training flow

  1. Contact us
    Please feel free to contact us first.
    We are accepting inquiry via telephone or via the inquiry form online.
  2. Contents of the training
    We will listen to your request regarding the training, such as the goal of the training
    and the skills that you would like to acquire through training
  3. Proposal of the training's content · Meeting
    Based on the brief in the last step, we will then propose the best training content
    possible. We will customize the content while suggesting opinions based on the brief.
  4. Training
    We will conduct the training.
    During the training, we will have a multiple-person system composed of lecturers
    and school management staff on the training site.
  5. Follow up
    We will periodically have reports of the progress of the training during its whole
    Depending on the situation of the training, we will respond with flexibility, such
    as changing the tasks or setting supplementary time during training.
    At the end of the training, skill and knowledge feedback can be given to each student.


Here are some examples of previous and recent courses.

Collective training for new employees

It is a technical training that last for about 2 months and is designed to prepare new graduates to be
Specialized in design, it has become a training incorporating concrete exercises such as materials
design, iOS application design, HTML technical training etc. and especially the foundation of
Photoshop and Illustrator.

In the final assignment, we will combine knowledge learned during the training and change it according to the needs of each company such as original game design and iOS application design.



  1. Week 1
    • Introduction to typography
    • layout
    • typical exercises for design such as coloring
  2. Week 2
    • Web site assignment/production
  3. Week 3
    • Smartphone UI basic smartphone issue, creation
    • smartphone issue/creation
  4. Week 4
    • Introduction to HTML and practical training
    • CSS and practical training
  5. Week 5
    • Material design & iOS design assignment/production
  6. Week 6
    • Introduction to JavaScript and practical training
  7. Week 7
    week 8
    • Final task "Game design, iOS application design etc."


  • 株式会社サイバーエージェントのロゴ
  • 株式会社ディー・エヌ・エーのロゴ
  • 株式会社ビズリーチのロゴ

Technical training for employees

It is training made to improve the technical skills of employees in a company.
We mainly provide training for designers, but we also provide technical training for front-end engineers such as JavaScript, Unity, Swift etc. besides design.

We will adjust the schedule according to the client's request, we can for example do short-term training for 3 consecutive days, or several times per week.


Curriculum example
(Application design
training for designers)

  1. Week 1
    • Explanation of material design
    • Android application planning
  2. Week 2
    • Android application technology training (Android Studio)
  3. Week 3
    • Android application design production
    • Presentation
  4. Week 4
    • iOS application design guideline explanation
    • iOS application planning
  5. Week 5
    • iOS Application Technical Training (Xcode)
  6. Week 6
    • iOS application application design creation, presentation

Curriculum example
(Unity Technical Training)

  1. Week 1
    • What is Unity? Introduction of basic components
  2. Week 2
    • Physics engine programming foundation
  3. Week 3
    • Production
    • 2D representation
  4. Week 4
    • Animation control
  5. Week 5
    • About UI
  6. Week 6
    • Server communication
  7. Week 7
    • Project construction
    • game optimization
  8. Week 8
    • Implementation
    • work presentation / user test

Implementation company

  • 株式会社サイバーエージェントのロゴ
  • 株式会社DMMのロゴ

Online training (Delight U)

The training was planned and produced in collaboration with DeNA, this online training was designed
for the purpose of knowing more on the UX / UI design industry in Japan.
Using original materials and the communication tool “Slack”, lecturers used the online feed while
proposing challenges online.

It is also possible to open courses online instead of offline, such as when you live far away and you
can’t physically join, or when a lot of people can’t gather at one place at once.

Online training (Delight U)
  • Online training (Delight U)
  • Online training (Delight U)
  • Online training (Delight U)
  • Online training (Delight U)

Curriculum example
(UI for designers, UX design training)

  1. Week 1
    • Typography
    • Layout
    • Basic design exercises such as color scheme
  2. Week 2
    • Website design foundation
  3. Week 3
    • Responsive web design
  4. Week4
    • iOS application user interface 1
  5. Week 5
    • iOS application planning, prototyping
  6. Week 6
    • iOS application user interface 2
  7. Week 7
    • iOS application screen design
    • UIKit details
  8. Week 8
    • Final work production

Implementation company

  • 株式会社ディー・エヌ・エーのロゴ